Group of reliable technical experts
First rate service

We, Ranger-Systems, provide value to our clients by way of our diverse technology and experience in "MVNO plan, integration, construction, operation" and "Service for IoT connectivity" for overall networks small and large in scale.
In addition, based on our motto to enhance the value of people and business and make the use of corporate philosophy "sprit and excitement", we push ourselves daily to support our customers in anyway possible.


Service for MVNO planning, integration, operating

Service for MVNO
planning, integration, operating

We provide comprehensive technical support of MVNO for customers starting up or entering into an MVNO project.

Service for IoT connecting

Service for IoT connecting

The service for IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity (mono) can relate to anything from the motion of the human body, current temperature, brightness, humidity, CO2 concentrations, etc. We utilize sensor beacons for detections (mono) connected through Gateways to send summarized data from BLE devices. Our service is both cost effective and flexible in design.

Service for Wi-Fi security

Service for Wi-Fi security

We provide the Wi-Fi security service to protect your important information assets from the threat under a Wi-Fi environment.

Enterprise network integration

Enterprise network integrationWe can propose various solutions depending on your needs to support operational efficiency and enhanced security in any office environment.

Technology for ISP project

Technology for ISP projectWe can provide know-how and advanced technical solutions of ISP projects to potential customers seeking the latest in ISP strategy and design.

Server, network virtualization

Server, network virtualizationWe implement effective use of resources and system capability being highly flexible in implementing server and network connectivity.

Operation and maintenance support

Operation and maintenance supportWe provide operational service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year ensuring optimal system performance from a staff of highly trained professionals.

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About us

Junji Aihara

Group of reliable technical experts X first rate service

Since the beginning we have catered to and provided specified engineers to all of our valued clients, offering consistent service and technical support by participating as an elite unit servicing our clients' most important projects.

Fortunately, with the support of our clients and business partners, we can engage in various projects including the setup of the business IT infrastructure, consulting, project management, project design, construction, operative maintenance and support 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.

As an enterprise based on technology we are experienced in the latest designs and continually integrate this into our clients enterprise. Our business is a service, and believe that our duty is to provide the most accurate assessment of our client's needs offering the best service to satisfy our client needs.

Moreover, we are convinced that our existence based on sharing opportunities with our clients, overcoming barriers and improving our technology and business values with our clients.

"Group of reliable technical experts X first rate service"
We continually aim to enhance our company in support of our client needs in the best way possible and greatly appreciate your continued future support.

Yours sincerely,

Junji Aihara

Company Profile

Company name Ranger-Systems Co., Ltd.
Office location Sakura Shimbashi building 6F,2-6-1,Shimbashi, Minato-ku,Tokyo, Japan 105-0004
TEL +81 3-6257-1850
President Junji Aihara
Date of establishment October 2, 2007
Account settlement month September
Capital 30,000,000 YEN
Services provided Network, System Integration
Major banks Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Yokohama-Ekimae Branch
The Johnan Shinkin Bank, Shimbashi Branch


Guideline for action

  • We aim to make the most desirable and pleasant work place in the IT industry and to keep a good balance between the establishment of high corporate value and individual happiness of each of our employees regardless of the position they hold within our establishment.
  • We support physical and mental independence and strive to distribute this on a company wide basis.
  • We provide high quality results offering first-class service and hospitality. In addition, we contribute to our clients high spirit, excitement and bottom end results.

Three principles for work

Procedure observance

Providing steady results by following procedures determined in advance.
Not tolerating mistakes and understanding all of the risks.
Improving precision of procedures through continuous evaluation.

Promptly reporting

Escalation of system progress precisely and quickly without exception.
Improving quality through consistent and accurate system updates.

Perpetuation of recording

Keeping a history and log of work condition and submitting timely.
Communication of important data related to accident or trouble on time.
Integration the most secure process and environment to house data and information for our clients.

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